Welcome to "From GIS to Remote Sensing"

As the name suggests, the main topics of this blog are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing, and their relationship.
I am Luca Congedo, and I work with GIS and remote sensing as an environmental engineer and researcher.
I have a passion for information technology (IT).
In particular, I like the open source philosophy, and therefore I will describe mainly open source software in this blog.
I am the author of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin, a free plugin for QGIS that allows for the semi-automatic supervised classification of remote sensing images.
This plugin has several tools to expedite the creation of Regions Of Interest (ROIs) and the process of land cover classification.

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin

I will post here the latest news about the plugin development.
Also, I will post several tutorials about the use of this plugin, and the functions thereof.
More information and instructions about this plugin are at this page.
I hope this blog might be valuable or interesting, also for people who are new to GIS and remote sensing.
For this purpose, I will describe the main topics with examples, and step by step guides.
Beside the plugin, this blog will provide several tips about complementary software (such as Linux or Python Programming Language) that will be useful for our journey from GIS to remote sensing.

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