Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin: bug in QGIS dev 1.9.0-327

UPDATE 24/07/2013: this bug has been fixed. See here.

This post is to inform you that the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 2.0 has an issue with QGIS dev 1.9.0-327 that causes the error: "Classification failed. Possible reason: ROIs are outside the image extent" when performing a classification or calculating the spectral signature.
Thanks to the report of a cooperative user, I can say that the error is not caused by ROIs.
This issues is related to the supervised classification provided by SEXTANTE plugin and I have already reported it to the QGIS hub.
Therefore, until it is fixed please use QGIS 1.8 or do not update to QGIS dev 1.9.0-327.
I will keep you posted.
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