Semi-Automatic OS: Video tutorials in English and Portuguese

In this post I would like to share several video tutorials about the installation and configuration of the Semi-Automatic OS in English and Portuguese.
Many thanks to the author of these video tutorials Jorge Santos, who has a YouTube channel where you can find several interesting tutorials.

I remember you that the Semi-Automatic OS is a lightweight virtual machine for the land cover classification of remote sensing images and GIS analyses, which includes the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 2.3.1 for QGIS 2.0.1, already configured along with all the required dependencies (Orfeo Toolbox, SAGA GIS, GDAL, Numpy and Matplotlib).
You can download the Semi-Automatic OS virtual machine (about 500 MB) from here.

Installation of the Semi-Automatic OS in VirtualBox

Network configuration

Keyboard configuration

Installation of VirtualBox Guest Utils

Configuration of Shared Folders

Installation of Gedit text editor

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