How to Download Landsat 8 Data from USGS Earth Explorer

In my previous post Landsat Images: an Overview of Worldwide Data Access I illustrated several ways of accessing and downloading Landsat images from data providers all over the world.
Of course, the main data access is the USGS Earth Explorer which is a web application allowing for browsing and downloading Landsat images (and images acquired from other NASA satellites).

The USGS Earth Explorer website

In this brief post I would like to highlight the article A Quick Guide to Earth Explorer for Landsat 8 by Robert Simmon, from NASA Earth Observatory website. 
It is a helpful guide for downloading Landsat data, describing clearly the required steps: from log in, to searching and selecting the datasets. Each step is illustrated with screenshots of the web application, making this guide very easy to follow.

Landsat images are useful for environmental monitoring, as shown in my previous post Supervised Classifications of Landsat Images: an Overview of Applications Using the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin for QGIS. Therefore, the above guide is very important to users that want to process Landsat data for various studies and purposes.

Please, remember that a Facebook group and a Google+ Community are available for sharing information and asking for help about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.
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