OSGeo-Live 9.5 released: the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin is included in QGIS plugins

OSGeo-Live is a very useful and popular distribution based on Lubuntu which includes fully-operational versions of Free Geospatial Software (more information here). OSGeo-Live is provided as bootable ISO-Images (for the operating system installation) and Virtual Machines (such as Semi-Automatic OS).

They have recently released the version 9.5 of OSGeo-Live. Of course, it includes QGIS 2.14 and many other programs such as SAGA and Orfeo Toolbox. I am very pleased that the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) version 4.9 is already installed inside the QGIS Plugins.

OSGeo-Live 9.5: SCP installed

This can be useful for workshops and training courses, also without having an internet connection, because everything is already installed and operational. OSGeo-Live also includes several sample datasets that can be used for testing programs.
In order to use SCP in QGIS, you need to activate it inside the Plugins (checking the option in the menu Installed). If an internet connection is available, I recommend to update the plugin to the latest version.

SCP running in OSGeo-Live 9.5

Many thanks to the OSGeo-Live team for including SCP also in this new version and for their effort in providing easy access to Free Geospatial Software.

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