Minor Update: Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 5.0.3 for Sentinel-2 download

This post is about a minor update for the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin for QGIS, version 5.0.3.

Following the changelog:
-fixed Sentinel-2 SSL download issue

In this updated I have fixed the SSL download issue of Sentinel-2 download.
In a previous post, I described an issue that prevented the download of Sentinel-2 images from  the Copernics Data Hub (https://scihub.copernicus.eu), which was caused by the way SCP tried to access data and the lack of the protocols TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2 in the Python version installed with QGIS (see https://docs.python.org/2/library/ssl.html).
I suggested a quick and dirty workaround that however has some drawbacks.

Therefore I had to change the way SCP downloads Sentinel-2 images, using QgsNetworkAccessManager.
Many thanks to the developers Luigi Pirelli and Alessandro Pasotti for pointing me to the right direction.

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