Translation of SCP Documentation and Interface: How to Get Involved

The Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) can be translated from English to any language.
This is fundamental to improve the usability of SCP and your contribution is very important for the user community. Therefore, I invite you to translate the user manual and the program interface to your language.

I am very pleased that with the recent update of SCP v.5.0.4 I have included the complete translation of the interface to Spanish, mainly translated by Igor F. Dávalos Rojas (a sincere thank you).
Also, a partial interface translation to Polish is already available, thanks to Robert Szczepanek and his student Jakub Pękala who is working to complete the translation update to the new version 5 of SCP.
I would like also to thank everyone who is involved in the translation of the manual and the interface to other languages.

SCP Interface translated to Spanish

It is possible to easily translate the SCP user manual to any language, because it is written in reStructuredText as markup language (using Sphinx). To contribute to the translation of SCP to your language, please follow this guide.

Your contribution is fundamental for the translation of SCP to your language. I recommend using the free online service Transifex, which is probably the easiest way to translate the manual and the interface using an online service.
  1. Transifex free registration
    Go to the Transifex login page ( You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account, or with a free registration.
  2. Join the Semi-automatic Classification Manual project
    Go to the page . Select your language and click the button Join team. If your language is not listed, click the button Request language.
  3. Translation
    There are several files to be translated, which refer to the sections of the SCP manual. To translate the interface you should select the file semiautomaticclassificationplugin.ts .
    The translation is performed through an online application, which shows you each sentence in the original English version, and a text editor allows for the translation to your language. This should make the translation process very rapid and easy.
Before translating, please read this document from the QGIS translation guide, which helps you understand the reStructuredText.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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