Developing the SCP 6: Download products and Sentinel-3

I am updating the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) to version 6 (codename Greenbelt) which will be compatible with the upcoming QGIS 3.

In this previous posts, I described the main changes to the SCP dock, the Main interface and the ability to create multiple band sets.
In this post I present the new interface for downloading free products such as Landsat, Sentinel-2, ASTER, MODIS and the new addition Sentinel-3.

Download products
The new interface will allow for the search and download of several free products, and in particular it will be possible to download and preprocess Sentinel-2 Level 2A and Sentinel-3 OLCI images.
It will be possible to display the preview of the selected item inside the interface, as an alternative to loading the preview inside the map.
In addition, the product list can be imported and exported, as well as saved within the QGIS project.

Download products new interface

The Sentinel-3 tab has been added to the Preprocessing tools, allowing for the direct conversion to reflectance.

Sentinel-3 conversion

I am willing to improve the functionalities of SCP with this new version 6, and I'll try to periodically post the development progress.
The final SCP version 6 will probably be ready by December 2017, in line with the QGIS 3 release.
For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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