Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin version 6 officially released

I am glad to announce that the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) version 6 (codename Greenbelt) has been released.
This is the result of a long work of development related to my PhD research. I am really thankful to all the supporters and users of SCP that have motivated me to do my best.

Please note that SCP 6 is compatible with QGIS 3 only; therefore you need to install the QGIS development version until QGIS 3 is officially released. Please read this previous post for a guide about how to install QGIS 3 in Windows OS.
You can install SCP from the plugin installer in QGIS.

In the next few days I'm going to publish the updated user manual and the first video tutorial.
Please consider reporting any bugs or issues that you may encounter.

Please watch the following video that illustrates the main features of this new version.

Following the complete changelog:
    -version updated for QGIS 3
    -updated the Main interface with new tabs and design
    -in tab Band set added option for multiple band set definition that can be moved and closed
    -in tab Band set quick wavelength set according to band number of sensor
    -new tab Download products for searching and downloading free images and products
    -in tab Download products added download and preprocessing of Sentinel-2 Level 2A
    -in tab Download products added download of Sentinel-3 OLCI
    -in tab Download products added image preview with click on Product list items
    -in tab Download products added option to import and export table of product download
    -in tab Download products the Product list is saved with the project
    -in tabs Landsat Sentinel-2 and ASTER added option to limit DOS1 correction only to blue and green bands
    -in tab Preprocessing added tool for Sentinel-3 OLCI
    -in tab Preprocessing added tool Mosaic band sets for the creation of multiband mosaics
    -in tab Preprocessing added tool Cloud masking of a band set which is based on the values of a classification
    -in tab Band processing added tool Clustering with K-means and ISODATA algorithms
    -in tab Band processing added tool Spectral distance for calculating pixel distance between two band sets
    -in tab Band processing added tool Band combination for calculating a raster of band combinations from a band set
    -in tab Postprocessing added tool Class signature for calculating the spectral signatures of classes in a classification using a band set
    -in tab ROI Creation added option to autosave training input (backup file created when saving QGIS project)
    -in tab Clip Multiple Rasters added option to select a vector field for iterating through each vector polygon and add field value to the output name
    -in Working toolbar added possibility to plot spectral signatures of the same pixel for all the band sets (pressing the button ROI region growing then CTRL + mouse right click in the map)
    -in tab Classification the threshold value if > 0 is used for all the spectral signatures;
    -in tab Edit raster added vector as variable name for using vector value in expression
    -in tab Batch added several new functions and changed some of the function variable names
    -in tab Batch added label for checking the expression
    -in tab Batch added table containing the list of functions
    -in tab Settings Processing added SMTP process notification
    -in tab Settings Debug added table of Log
    -in tab Multiple ROI creation now can import a point shapefile for point coordinates
    -in tab Multiple ROI creation the random point creation avoids raster NoData
    -in Spectral Signature Plot fixed signature plot for large values
    -various bugfixing and improvements

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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