Available the French translation of SCP interface

The interface and the user manual of SCP are developed in English (user manual available at this link). However, it is possible to translate the interface into any language.
I'm very glad to announce the availability of the French translation of the SCP interface.
The whole interface has been translated by Sebastien Peillet (geomatician and developer, currently at Maison de la Télédétection, UMR TETIS). Many thanks to Sebastien Peillet for his excellent work, which will be very helpful to many people.
The French translation is available in the latest update of SCP v. 6.2.5.

The SCP translated in French

Again, many thanks to Sebastien Peillet and to all the volunteers that have translated SCP and the user manual.
Other language translations are still incomplete. I invite you to help translating SCP into your language. It is possible to easily translate the user manual to any language, because it is written in reStructuredText as markup language (using Sphinx). Therefore, your contribution is fundamental for the translation of the manual to your language.

The following guide illustrates the main steps for the translation, which can be performed:
  • using the free online service Transifex;
  • using the gettext .po files.
Before translating, please read this document from the QGIS translation guide, which helps you understand the reStructuredText.
Method 1. Translation using the free online service Transifex
This is probably the easiest way to translate the manual using an online service.
  1. Join the Semi-automatic Classification Manual project
    Go to the page https://www.transifex.com/semi-automatic-classification/semi-automatic-classification-plugin-manual and click the button Help translate. You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account, or with a free registration.
  2. Select your language
    Select your language and click the button Join team. If your language is not listed, click the button Request language.
  3. Translation
    There are several files to be translated, which refer to the sections of the SCP documentation. To translate the SCP interface you should select the file semiautomaticclassificationplugin.ts .
Method 2. Translation using the gettext .po files
In order to use this method, you should be familiar with GitHub. This translation method allows for the translation of the PO files locally.
  1. Download the translation files
    Go to the GitHub project https://github.com/semiautomaticgit/SemiAutomaticClassificationManual/tree/master/locale and download the .po files of your language (you can add your language, if it is not listed), or you can fork the repository. Every file .po is a text file that refers to a section of the User Manual.
  2. Edit the translation files
    Now you can edit the .po files. It is convenient to edit those file using one of the following programs: for instance Poedit for Windows and Mac OS X, or Gtranslator for Linux or OmegaT (Java based) for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. These editors allow for an easy translation of every sentence in the User Manual.
    For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.
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