Minor Update: Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 6.4.1

First, I wish you a very happy new year!
This post is about a minor update for the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) for QGIS, version 6.4.1 where I have fixed several issues.
Following the changelog:
-manual ROI creation allowed without band set definition
-fixed edit raster tool to update raster view
-fixed the tools Accuracy and Cross Classification
-added GDAL test
-fixed report tool to hide nodata

The definition of a Band set is no more necessary for manual ROI creation, in order to allow other tools, such as Edit raster, to work easier when a Band set in not required.
I have updated the tool for editing the raster directly, which now shows immediately the changes of the raster in the map.
The tools Accuracy and Cross Classification are now able to manage large vectors and adapt the calculation to the reference raster. Also, an issue with input source preventing the calculation was fixed.
A new test was added to check for GDAL proper installation, which is an issue for Mac users.
The tool Report was updated to hide nodata values in the report.

Several new tutorials will be published in 2020, so stay tuned.
For any comment or question, join the Facebook group about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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