Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7: Release date

This post is to announce the release date of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7 (codename Matera).
This new version will be released on the:
26 October 2020

The Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) version 7 has the codename Matera (a city in the Southern Italy, Basilicata Region) which is the site of a Center of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) specialized in remote sensing, which has several purposes, in particular to acquire, process and store remote sensing data.

The main improvement will be the conversion of several functions, such as the Preprocessing, the Classification and Band calc tools, from single-threading to multi-threading, allowing to distribute the process among multiple threads and reduce the computation time.

Other relevant changes are:
  • the download and processing of Sentinel-1 images through the integration with ESA SNAP
  • the download and processing of GOES-R images
  • improved Band calc tool to perform iterations of raster calculation and filter Band sets using the acquisition date information; this will allow to perform calculation on time series of images
  • Random Forest classification through the integration with ESA SNAP; this will allow to use ROIs and Band sets defined in SCP and perform the Random Forest classification
  • improved Batch tool to initiate QGIS Processing tools from SCP; this will allow to extend the possibilities of calculation and use the QGIS Processing output with SCP tools in a script
and many other improvements to the user interface and several tools.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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