Major Update: Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 7.5.0

This post is about a new update of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 7.5.0
Following the changelog:

-added context menu in SCP dock
-fixed issue with SCP dock editing of macroclasses
-fixed issue with classification band set
-fixed issue with autosave ROI

The main new feature is the context menu in the SCP dock that can be accessed with a right click in the ROI & Signature list.

The context menu allows for several functions that can be performed for highlighted items, such as merging or calculating the spectral signatures, or managing the tree.

Also, other issues were fixed.
In the next few days I'm going to publish a new tutorial about clustering.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group or GitHub discussions about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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