Road to the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v.8: Band sets, Band calc and Scripts

As already announced, the new version 8 (codename "Infinity") of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) for QGIS will be released in October 2023.
This post describes a few main new features of the SCP, which is still under development, based on a completely new Python processing framework that is Remotior Sensus.

The Main interface will include all the tools, as in SCP version 7. The Band set tab will allow to manage more than one Band set; the interface has been restyled with a table on the left to manage the list of Band sets, and the larger table on the right to display the bands of the active band set.

One major feature of SCP version 8 is that band sets (and therefore all the tools using band sets) no longer require the bands to be previously loaded in QGIS (requiring less memory), therefore bands can be loaded directly selecting the files. Of course, specific tools allow for the creation of band color composites to be displayed in QGIS.

The Band calc tool has been refreshed, adding several options that are available through the Remotior Sensus library, such as the optional definition of extent coordinates for limiting the calculation, or the output pixel size. Expressions can exploit the band sets to define variables such as "#NIR#" or "#RED#" to refer to specific bands based on center wavelength.

A new tab Script (which replaced the Batch tab) is linked to most of the SCP tools allowing for the display of the Python code to run the equivalent commands in Remotior Sensus (pasting the code in a Python shell), which can be useful to automate tasks and creating scripts.

A new feature is the integration of several SCP tools in the QGIS Processing, which allows for creating models and workflows between the several libraries available in QGIS. This will expand the possibilities of processing by integrating SCP tools with other tools such as GDAL and GRASS GIS.

Other posts about the new features will follow.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group or GitHub discussions about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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