Minor Update: Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 4.8.5

This post is about a minor update for the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin for QGIS, version 4.8.5.

Following the changelog:
- added tab for Sentinel-2 conversion

In this update I have added a tab for the Sentinel-2 image conversion. At the moment, this tool converts the .jp2 files (contained in a .zip file downloaded from ESA) to .tif files, resampling all the bands to 10m resolution.

Also, notice that the ESA (European Space Agency) website https://scihub.esa.int/dhus/ is being updated, therefore the plugin tool for downloading images could not work as expected. This new tab can be used for converting images downloaded from the ESA website.

For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and a Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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