Copernicus Sentinel-2 Images Now Available

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released the Sentinel-2A orthorectified products.
Images are available for free at this link . Dozens of images are already available covering different parts of the world (acquired during the last few days), and in a few weeks the satellite should cover the whole world. In fact, Sentinel-2 is in the Ramp-Up phase that will bring data acquisition to its full capacity.

The following is a very interesting video by ESA Web-TV that illustrates the characteristics of this new satellite.

The following table illustrates the Sentinel-2 spectral bands.

Sentinel-2 BandsCentral Wavelength [micrometers]Resolution [meters]
Band 1 - Coastal aerosol0.44360
Band 2 - Blue0.49010
Band 3 - Green0.56010
Band 4 - Red0.66510
Band 5 - Vegetation Red Edge0.70520
Band 6 - Vegetation Red Edge0.74020
Band 7 - Vegetation Red Edge0.78320
Band 8 - NIR0.84210
Band 8A - Vegetation Red Edge0.86520
Band 9 - Water vapour0.94560
Band 10 - SWIR - Cirrus1.37560
Band 11 - SWIR1.61020
Band 12 - SWIR2.19020

These images with 10m spatial resolution will be extremely useful for environmental monitoring and applications related to agriculture, forestry, or urban planning.

In the following weeks I am also going to update the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin for QGIS in order to adapt the tools to the products of the Sentinel-2 routine phase.

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