Developing the SCP 6: Main interface and Multiple band sets

I am updating the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) to version 6 (codename Greenbelt) which will be compatible with the upcoming QGIS 3.

In this previous post, I described the main changes to the SCP dock, and in particular the new tabs designed to optimize the space on the display.
In this post I present the redesigned Main interface that contains the SCP tools.
In addition, I have implemented a profound change to the SCP core, which is the ability to define multiple band setsthis opens many possibilities for new tools that can exploit the combination of bands (I am thinking about raster mosaic and more tools) which I'll try to include in SCP 6.

Main interface
The new Main interface is divided in several sections that are accessible through a menu at the left side.
These sections are:
  • Band set: definition of the input image used for classification and other tools;
  • Basic tools: general tools for running SCP, such as the RGB color composite;
  • Download products: tools for searching and downloading free images such as Landsat, Sentinel-2, ASTER, and MODIS;
  • Preprocessing: tools for preprocessing images before classification;
  • Band processing: tools for processing images;
  • Postprocessing: tools for postprocessing images after the classification;
  • Band calc: tools for easing raster calculation also using the band set;
  • Batch: tool for automating the SCP processes;
  • Settings: advanced options of SCP.

Image input in SCP is named band set. One of the main changes of SCP 6 will be the ability to define multiple band sets (in SCP 5 only one Band set can be defined) as input for classification and other tools.
Band sets are identified by numbers and the active band set (i.e. highlighted with a bold green name) is used as input for the tools in SCP dock. It will be possible to change the classification input just by selecting the corresponding band set tab. In a few clicks we will be able to compare the classification previews of different images without the need to create different QGIS projects.

Multiple band sets

Images can be loaded directly from SCP or use the rasters already loaded in QGIS.
The Band set definition is saved with the QGIS project, as it is already in SCP 5.
The ability to define multiple Band sets eases the comparison between several images, and I am developing other tools that can exploit this band interaction, such as raster mosaic.

I am willing to improve the functionalities of SCP with this new version 6, and I'll try to periodically post the development progress.
The final SCP version 6 will probably be ready by December 2017, in line with the QGIS 3 release.
For any comment or question, join the Facebook group and the Google+ Community about the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.

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