Remotior Sensus: Released the User Manual

The first version of the user manual of Remotior Sensus (a Python package that allows for the processing of remote sensing images and GIS data) has been released.

The user manual is available at
This is of course still in early development, and not all the functions are completely described.
However, most descriptions of the tools are included, also with code examples.

At the moment, the available tools are:
  • band calc
  • band classification
  • band combination
  • band dilation
  • band erosion
  • band mosaic
  • band neighbor pixels
  • band pca
  • band sieve
  • cross classification
  • download products
  • preprocess products
  • raster reclassification
  • raster report
  • raster to vector
Also, the management of raster bands through band sets is available.
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